3rd morning with Silent Night: My husband who has fought lung cancer for 4 years did not know I had this product. I put it in our bedroom, kind of hidden, and 2 days later he woke up not coughing up a ton of junk as he has done every morning since I met him. Sadly, he and I had been coughing in stereo prior to Silent Night. This morning he did not cough up anything! As for me, I had sinus surgery 2 weeks ago so this was perfect timing. The doc said it would take 6 months to feel my best. I feel great already! My doc is the #1 sinus guy at our hospital that is highly respected so I knew he was to be trusted. At my follow up he was amazed at my recovery. I handed him a printout of the Silent Night Owner’s Manual and told him this was part of the reason for my recovery. Steve commented on the Silent Night’s ability to capture virtually every particle.  He answered, “And you say it’s quiet?” and we said yes. He loved it and thanked us so much for the information.
– Steve and Victoria, Washington

“I am an early fifties guy with asthma and sleep apnea. For years I’ve been sleeping with a CPAP mask (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) over my face to keep me breathing through the night. Based on particle count testing I knew Silent Night reduced allergens and dust in my room by 90+% and would be good for anyone to breathe, especially asthmatics. But would it have a benefit through my CPAP mask? My CPAP air tested 77% cleaner when Silent Night was running. I have done test after test using 1-hour average results to be as accurate as possible. My 18-year old son calls it The Bomb; for an older guy that translates to Wow!”
– Jim Dickerson, Virginia

“One night our 10-year old Havanese dog kept whimpering at bedtime for no apparent reason. Could she be missing the Silent Night which I had moved to another room during the day? Sure enough, when I put it back near her bed she closed her eyes and peacefully went to sleep.  
Havana passed away quietly at age 10.  We prepared her favorite bed and blanket, said our goodbyes and told her how good she was.
We now have a new Havanese puppy named Crickett. We are sure she will like the Silent Night just as much as Havana did.
– Brent B and Havana (the dog), California