Naturewasher™ uses a 100% safe, natural and effective process to create powerful oxidized water intended to clean laundry, food, home environments, vehicles and even your pets! This “Oxi” filled water eliminates the need to ever use those money wasting, chemical filled cleaners ever again. By utilizing what nature has already provided, we can now use for almost any indoor or outdoor cleaning job!

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    NatureWasher is one of the new ECO innovation and inventions to be commercialized and offered under the Nature branding and ECO labels. These products are state of the art, environment-friendly that make a healthier tomorrow for you and your family. NatureWasher is introduced to the market with a mission of making the laundry cycles of American homes, apart from that a bacteria-free and cost-efficient at the same time reducing energy costs and pollution. With the advancement in NASA-engineered technology, it is beneficial to consumer families who have a concern about chemicals, our environment and the state of pollution, which previously used by hospitals and elite hotels only. NatureWasher utilizes nature’s own detergents – oxygen, hydrogen peroxide ions and oxygen infused laundry system to clean your laundry more thoroughly than ever before.

    The Added-value of the NatureWasher is the featured hose on our machine. This specially engineered hose is versatile and may be used for different daily activities. It makes washing your dog, cleaning the floor or your carpet, washing chemicals from fruits and vegetables and eliminating odors and oils.

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    Additional information

    Weight 4 lbs
    Dimensions 3.75 x 15 x 8.25 in
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